In the Standard Platform League, soccer is played with a standardized robot platform, i.e. all teams use the same hardware and only differ in the software they develop. For the tenth time at the RoboCup German Open, the humanoid robot NAO, manufactured by the company SoftBank Robotics, is used as standard platform.

NAO is equipped with up to 25 actuated joints. In its head, two cameras are integrated for perceiving the environment. In its chest, sonar sensors measure distances and gyroscopes and accelerometers allow determining the torso’s pose. In the feet there are sensors to measure ground contact and the contact with the ball. Teams of five robots play against each other on a 9 x 6 m² sized field. The robots are acting completely autonomous. However, through Wi-Fi, they can communicate with each other and receive the decisions of the referee.

Since 2018 the new NAO version 6 in the RoboCup German Open is used. The computer integrated in the new model is significantly more powerful than the one built into its predecessor. The rules get continuously closer to the ones of human soccer.

League Chairs

Dr. Thomas Röfer (DFKI Bremen)
Pattrick Göttsch (TU Hamburg)